Founded in 1987 by award-winning designer Monalisa Sanders, owner of Monalisa Sanders Texas, Interiors and Events has sought to continuously set new standards for luxury Living and Events.

Design & Decor

Monalisa Sanders Events is a full service production company that designs and produces all decor and specialty items in house for each client and event. This enables clients to have details that have never been seen before, giving Monalisa the ability to make the impossible possible. Whether it is designing a party, product launch, wedding, Invitation or gala for the client that wants something different, Monalisa's “nothing is impossible” approach enables her to take design & decor to the next level.

Our full-service production team is able to manage the entire process from concept and design to production and installation. Monalisa takes a client’s vision and translates that into an extraordinary event environment with the use of the latest technology in lighting design, stationery and custom decor that makes each event a unique experience for you and your guests. 

 Our design atelier is driven by European style, Victorian lace and Swarovski crystals a groundbreaking concept that unites fine paper with creative style creating stationery and events, there for creating a new niche in the design industry for visual styling. 

We strive to create a superior experience for each client, offering an incomparable range of couture services and outstanding ready-to-order products and couture style that boast flawless craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail. From one-of-a-kind bespoke designs to fabulous ready-to-order that discreetly bears Mona's signature touch, our creations possess a coveted commissioned quality that lends to the magic we invent. Mona's signature is the hallmark of authenticity and never-before-seen originality, ensuring that you receive a true work of art

As a creative studio, we are a veteran of resource for both social and corporate clients. As a collaborator, we have extended Mona’s vision and brand into leading global partnerships that further our capabilities. As an established brand, our products are sold worldwide at the most prestigious retail outlets so that the luxury of Mona’s may be enjoyed at your convenience. 

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